Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our New Puppy

Matt surprised me with a puppy for my Christmas present, he just came a few weeks before Christmas! : ) I fell in love with him right away. He is just so cute! We spent a few days talking about  names we liked. First we thought Ollie was such a cute name, then suddenly realized it was way to similar to Molly and we would just get frustrated with that. We talked about Oliver instead of Ollie but finally decided on Jax. Anyone know what show that name came from? ; )
Jax is a miniature dachshund and he is about 12 weeks old now. Here are some pictures of him..

His little santa hat just killed me
Oh those ears flipped back haha!

Bentley just didn't want to look at the camera
He is so small that it has been an adjustment around our house. We have to be extra careful not to step on him, and when I am cooking dinner he likes to be right by my feet and  I have accidentally kicked him a few times.  It has been an experience bringing home a second dog and having Bentley get adjusted to the change. He is doing a lot better with him now and they even play around with each other (even though Bentley is way too rough with Jax). We have been faced with a few issues that we didn't have when we brought Bentley home as a puppy. First of all, Jax would eat until he couldn't walk if we let him. We have to take his food bowl away after each bite so that he will swallow the food and take a breath. I have no idea how to get him to slow down and the vet didn't really have any suggestions either, except for a food bowl with a little bone inside. We went to look at the bowl at Petsmart and we honestly don't think it would help slow him down at all. He's a little beast!

The other problem we have been having is potty training. Every time we try to get him to go potty on his pee pad, he just won't go! He pees on it, but then when we decide he probably doesn't have to go potty and let him roam the house, he will go poop somewhere else. Yesterday I sat with him at the pee pad for an hour because I just knew he had to go, and when I gave up because I was so frustrated, he walked and pooped by the door. I'm hoping the reason why it is so difficult is because he is so young, but we didn't have this much trouble with Bentley. He caught on pretty quick, but he was also twice as old as Jax. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on potty training? Or how to keep Jax from eating so fast?


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