Friday, February 8, 2013


My husband designed a new header for my blog. I'm working on changing everything to make it better.  So slowly but surely things will be getting upgraded : )

Speaking of changes, we are going to be moving to California very soon. I've started packing a few boxes and getting ready. I've never made a move like this. I moved from Oklahoma to Maryland when Matt and I got married but we didn't have a lot of things, and we also didn't have 2 puppies. When Matt and I moved to Maryland we loaded up his jeep with whatever it could fit and hit the road. Now we are  moving an apartment full of stuff and taking 2 dogs along for the road trip. I'm excited but also a little anxious about everything. It's stressful figuring out everything and getting everything in order for the move.

We're stopping in Oklahoma to visit family and friends before we actually get to California. I'm so excited to see everyone. I haven't seen everyone since...August I think? It's bad when you can't remember the exact month. I will for sure be posting updates about our move. We love road trips so I'm sure we will have fun even if it's stressful.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!