Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our weekend

Our weekend seemed to pass by so fast! I love spending quality time with my husband and enjoying the time he has off from work. He has a super busy work week so we welcomed the weekend with open arms, but then again when do we not? ; )

Friday when Matt got off work we went to run a few errands & do our grocery shopping, which actually took a lot longer than I thought it would. I had everything planned out perfectly. I downloaded a new app for my macbook & iPhone called "Evernote". Which basically lets you write anything you want and organize it. You can make different "notebooks" and then write things within each one, which makes it so nice to save useful information I have found online, rather than simply bookmarking things and then forgetting about them. I am also interested in the idea of going paperless (or even cutting back on the amount of paper we use in our house) and this seems like a great way to use less. But the reason I mentioned that is because I used Evernote to write down my meal plan & grocery list. The app allows you to put boxes next to items you write down, so when we got into the store I just pulled up the app on my iPhone and then checked things off as we got them. It was so nice not to have to carry around the stuff I usually do when we shop. It's just really convenient! I spent some time this weekend writing more stuff into my notebooks and organizing things I have saved on my computer. I am not sure if this app is available on other devices or not. I think it might be on androids but I have no idea. It's definitely worth checking out though. 

I also picked up this cookbook for only $10 at Bed, Bath & Beyond while we were out! It was such a great find. I highly recommend it if you are as obsessed with asian food like we are. : )

I loved it because it has pictures to each step so we know if we are doing it right or not. We had a hard time picking between crab wontons or beef pho, but in the end we went with the crab wontons. So on Saturday afternoon we went to an asian market to buy the ingredients. Once we arrived we realized that there was an amish market farmer's market right next door to the asian market we were going to. After we got the things we needed for the crab wontons we checked out the farmer's market and left with these goodies...

Some everything bagels, sandwich bread & chia seeds. We got inside the farmers market around 2:30 and they closed at 3:00 so sadly a lot of the fresh food was already being put away. We will be going back there again before we move to California though because I loved it!

Once we got home we used our new cookbook along with a cookbook that Matt's sister got us for Christmas and ended up making the crab wontons and some sushi. The sushi book was SO helpful. They wouldn't have turned out so well if it wasn't for the tips it gave in the book. One of the best things I read in there that helped us a TON is that you can dip you hands in a water & rice vinegar mixture before dealing with the sticky rice and it will not stick to your hands. However, Matt read that AFTER I already had rice stuck all over my hands ; ) haha

It was a great dinner and we both had so much fun making a new recipe together. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but we were both happy with the results!
Let me know if anyone wants me to post this recipe with pictures of the process. 

 Then today we really just spent the day relaxing. I cleaned the house really well on Saturday so I didn't have much left on my to-do list for today, which was a relief! I did accidentally fall asleep for an hour in the late afternoon, which explains why I am still awake right now.

Here's a couple pictures I took this weekend..

Family picture with our puppies : )

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!



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